Craft Beer Gifts, Tastings, and Teambuilding Experiences

At Prohibicija, we believe that fostering strong business relationships goes hand-in-hand with creating memorable experiences

Our unique B2B proposal

We are thrilled to introduce our specialized B2B offering, dedicated to enhancing your connections through exceptional beer gifts, immersive tastings, and teambuilding experiences.

Crafted beer gifts

Choose from an exclusive selection of artisanal craft beers and beer-related accessories that perfectly capture your company's appreciation for its valued clients, partners, and team members.

Each gift is thoughtfully curated to showcase the diversity and quality of craft brewing.

We provide a range of exclusive craft beer gifts, from small and affordable tokens of appreciation to grand offerings like beer advent calendars, tailored for team leads up to CEOs.

Our top 3 best sellers

Custom Craft Gifts from

€12.50 + VAT

Personalize each beer gift to reflect your company's identity and the preferences of your recipients.

Tickets to our open tastings

from €27.20 + VAT

Treat your clients and team to an expert-led journey through the world of craft beer.

Beer Advent Calendar

from €99.90 + VAT

Our expert team builds a Beer Advent Calendar, assembling 24 distinct beers that embody the trends of the past year.

Beer tasting beyond compare

Treat your clients and team to an unforgettable journey through the world of craft beer.

Our expert-led tastings are designed to engage and educate, offering insights into brewing techniques, flavor profiles, and the artistry behind each brew.

We offer flexible beer tasting events, ranging from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Our options encompass beer and cheese pairing, beer and chocolate pairing, as well as immersive explorations into your preferred beer category or style.

Team building brew ventures

Strengthen bonds and boost morale with our interactive team-building beer experiences.

From brewery tours and guided tastings to hands-on brewing sessions, our tailored activities promote collaboration and camaraderie among your team.

Imagine having an entire bar reserved just for you, stepping into the role of a bartender for your team, and indulging in a beer tasting experience meticulously tailored to encompass all the things your team adores. Rent a whole beer library for your team!

Benefits of choosing us

Craftsmanship Excellence

Our carefully curated beer selection represents the pinnacle of craft brewing, reflecting the quality your business stands for.

Connection Amplification

By gifting exceptional experiences, you're making a lasting impact on your clients, partners, and team members, fostering stronger connections.

Streamlined Planning

Our team takes care of the logistics, ensuring a seamless process from concept to execution, so you can focus on what you do best.

Brand Embodiment

We work closely with you to ensure that every gift and event embodies your brand's essence and message.

Elevate your business relationships with us!

Contact me at or +37065512666 to explore remarkable beer experiences that strengthen bonds and inspire connections​
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